Sometimes something special needs to happen. We occasionally get requests for things like restoring deleted records from the database or changing thousands of records at once. It doesnt happen all the time, but we know your time is precious so we have come up with a way to make your life a little easier. 

Common requests and charges

Geo can offer a service to perform some of these actions and to make it easier to make a decision, we have listed the costs for some of the more common services below.

  • Restore a deleted job. ($380.00 AUD)
  • Bulk delete a bunch of jobs. ($900.00 AUD)
  • Bulk update or change a bunch of jobs ($900.00 AUD)
  • Bulk update a bunch of customer records ($900.00 AUD)
  • Retrieve data backup ($600.00 AUD)
  • Transfer of data from one account to another ($1,300.00 AUD)

What about if its really special?

We can do some other services if the data requirements are a bit more custom or large, and for this service we charge.

  • Any kind of custom records management ($180.00 AUD p/hour, min of 3 hours)

Keep in mind the costs above are the average cost of the services, in most cases they will be right, but if the requirements are much more complex, the costs may vary slightly. An example of this is if you want to bulk update say, 20,000 customer records, but there are actually 5,000 variations of updates. Something like that would obviously be more complex to do, and the overall cost would be more.

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