The following fixes have been made in GeoService.

  • Resolved issue when filtering schedule page by staff, where by you untick 'Show unassigned' and it still shows.
  • Resolved Website field does not let you save customer unless you put a letter and colon (e.g. 'h:') in front of website
  • Resolved issue with 'Here' link in job 'History' not working properly.
  • Resolved issue when moving unavailability on schedule/calendar page while pop out is open details do not update until you refresh. 
  • Resolved issue when you double click on an 'Active' next to a staff member get an error.
  • Fixed alignment of UI Elements do not line up when timeout occurs.
  • Changed UI message on Job Share Plus Logins page when there is no client on that page.
  • Fixed the 'Reset' button on invoicing page so it resets the values.
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