Jobs are what GeoService is all about. Create a job, assign it to your staff and keep all your records in one place. 

In GeoService a job is your digital job sheet, it's like a folder that you can keep every bit of information about a job in. You can attach pictures, quotes, charges, notes about the job, track the job progress and because it's digital, you can share the information with all the staff who need it instantly.

The web console of GeoService is typically managed by Administrative staff in the office. They use it to create & assign jobs to the mobile workforce. The job information they create is then available from our mobile app. Jobs can be created from many places on the console, but the two most common are in the Quicklinks and Add Job button on the job list (marked below). 

On the web console there are two main screens that you will find useful for managing jobs. The Job List (shown above) and the Schedule (shown below). The Job List will show you all the jobs have in GeoService and can be filtered in lots of ways to show you the jobs you need to view. The Schedule will show you jobs in a calendar view, separated for each staff member and is the easiest way to assign and reassign jobs among workers. 

When your staff are in the field, doing what they do, they can use the mobile app to provide real-time updates on the job progress, take photos, add notes, make comments, which gives the business an idea of what's going on.

The mobile users add information to the job. Often, they also add Charges and parts to a job. These are things like expenses you might charge a customer for, maybe some kind of plumbing or electrical part.

Another important feature is the Job Status - these are colour coded flags that visually show job progress. These are customisable to your business and each job's status can be updated from the web console or a mobile device. For example this means as a staff member gets to a job they can change it's status to 'In Progress' and when the job is completed they can mark it as 'Completed'. This makes keeping track of your jobs throughout all stages much easier. Managing and customising your job statuses happens from settings (shown below). 

All information added to Jobs in GeoService is available for easy reference in the future, including all text and email communications sent to Staff and Clients, documents, quotes, and invoices, without the need for paper records.

The process for Job Management in GeoService falls into 3 distinct areas:

  • Creating the Job - Adding Job and Client details, assigning Staff and scheduling the first site visit;
  • On the Job - Your mobile Staff using the GeoService App on site, to manage Job progress and provide quotes;
  • Completing the Job - the Job being marked as Completed, then invoicing the Client.
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