Geo looks in a few different places for ideas about what to build next.

  • By talking to our customers through interviews.
  • By seeing what information comes through support (both via the support team and through conversations in intercom)
  • Through a design thinking process, we run every 14 days.
  • And from direct requests from our customers. For this one, we encourage customers to send their requests through to

We take all this insight and process it against customer needs, weighing up the broader priorities of the business as well as more immediate technical demands. This, in the end, formulates a roadmap, which we can share with customers at any time if they request it. 

We use a certain amount of judgment and instinct to ultimately decide on what to build, but by far an overwhelming influence is trends in what pain points our customers are seeing. If you have a suggestion, no matter how small, make sure to send it our way.

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