Do I need to sign a contract when I sign up?

You are not tied into a contract with GeoService. You can simply stop using and stop paying.

How do I switch to the new Licence Pricing from an older plan type?

This process is nice and simple. On your Subscriptions Page (under Settings) is a button to view the new Licence Pricing. You can then choose to switch to a Licence Plan if you wish to.

It is important to note that if you choose to switch to a Licence Plan, you will not be able to return to your older plan type. The pricing switch is irreversible.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan from your Subscriptions Page (under Settings) by simply selecting a new Licence plan, and then confirming your plan change.

You will need to ensure your number of active Licences is equal to or below the Licence Limit on the new plan you have selected.

Your next monthly payment will reflect your new plan price. If you have upgraded your plan you will also be charged a catch-up payment for the time until your next monthly payment is due.

How do I manage my Licences?

Your active Licence number is the number of users you have added to GeoService that are marked as Active (under Staff). You can have as many active users as your chosen plan allows, for example, a 15 Licence plan allows you to have 15 users Active at any one time.

If you wish to make a user Inactive you can do this by clicking on the Active button on the Staff List screen. Making a user Inactive will reduce your number of Active users, and the Inactive user will not be able to log in from either the web version or a mobile application. You can change a Staff member back to Active simply by clicking on the Inactive button.

Your Staff List will clearly show you which users are currently Active or Inactive.

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