What can my Staff access?

All users on a Licence Plan have access to both the web version and the mobile applications.

You will need to set your staff up with a Staff Login (under Staff Details) for them to be able to log into either the web version or mobile application.

How do I block access to a Staff member completely?

You can completely block a Staff member from accessing GeoService by making them Inactive.

You can do this by clicking on the Active button on the Staff List screen, this will switch the user to being Inactive. The Inactive user will not be able to log in from either the web version or a mobile application. You can change a Staff member back to Active simply by clicking on the Inactive button.

Your Staff List will clearly show you which users are currently Active or Inactive.

Can I limit what an employee can do in GeoService?

Absolutely. You can set up Staff Role permissions in GeoService (under Settings) for each type of user you have in your business. You can restrict a user to manage only their own Jobs, to allowing them full Administration access.

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