Recurring Jobs work in the same way as recurring meetings on programs like Microsoft Outlook, so it should be a familiar concept to most. Recurring Jobs can be set up by first creating a Job Template.

  1. Go to Jobs > Job Templates, then click on the template you want to use. From the next screen, Edit Template, click the Recurrence tab. Make sure the Template has a Client and a Visit, or you will not see the Recurrence tab.
  2. Select the required Recurrence Pattern from the drop down, which will give you further tailored options.
  3. Select the Start Date for the sequence and your end date settings. Please read the below note for further important info on this.
  4. When done, click Create Jobs.

Important Note: The dates or days of the week you set for the Visit in the Job Template don't affect what dates the recurring Jobs occur on. The Recurrence Pattern determines what date and day of the week Visits within recurring Jobs occur. The time on a Visit in the Job Templates, however, is used for the recurring Jobs.

However, if there is more than one Visit, then the dates set on the Visits do impact the recurring Jobs. E.g. if a Job Template has 2 Visits, which are 3 days apart, and you select the recurrence pattern to create Jobs for a Monday, then the Jobs will be created with one Visit on a Monday, and another Visit 3 days after on Thursday, both under a single Job.

Important information regarding recurrence end dates

End date settings are very important and should be considered carefully. When you click Create Jobs, Job credits will be used accordingly, and for some options here, particularly the 'No End Date' setting, this could obviously have extreme consequences,

So the creation of Jobs under these recurrences is controlled by an option in your Company Account settings called 'Recurrence Limit (Days)'. This limit defines how far in advance you would like the Job on a recurrence to be created, and hence visible on your Scheduler and Job lists. Please set this limit appropriately for your workflow.

Canceled Jobs already created by the recurrence

If Jobs have been created by the recurrence, then are canceled for some reason (ie due to a terminated contract), the credits for these can be reinstated to your account. Simply delete the Job Template the recurrence is generated from, and any Jobs that have not yet occurred (forward of the current date), will be deleted from your Scheduler / Job list and the credits for them returned to you.

This is the only common scenario where you can get Job Credits refunded through a GeoService function.

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