Adding notes or files to Jobs in GeoService couldn't be easier. On the mobile applications, a file or note can be added either to the Job itself as a general record, or attached to a particular Charge item (time/labour or parts). Here we will cover how to do it from the web console.

Adding Files

To upload a file to a particular Job, go to your Jobs list and click on your Job to edit it. Click the Add Note button. In the Add Note window that appears, add notes as required, and choose a file to upload. You can upload any file types you wish, the only restriction being Staff opening the files on their phones.

Tip: If you wish to add a file to Jobs repeatedly, for example, a commonly used set of guidelines or plans, you can create a Job Template with the file(s) attached. Then all subsequent Jobs created from this template you can choose to include the files attached. 

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