CSV import

GeoService. will allow you to import a CSV (Comma Separated Values) Parts list. Navigate to Settings > Parts > CSV Import. Full instructions are given on-screen.

Manual entry

Navigate to Settings > Parts. Any manual Parts list can be viewed as a list, for quick reference, or in full to edit items.

Click Add Part to create a new Part record. Complete the fields required, as below:

  • Item Code: A relevant and unique code to help quickly identify the Part, or merely a numerical reference if preferred.
  • Description: The name of the Part, and any other required identifying info.
  • Purchase Price: The cost to you of the Part.
  • Purchase Code: The accounting code for the Part purchase, if used.
  • Sale Price: The sale price to the client of the Part.
  • Sale Code: The accounting code for the Part sale, if used.

You can also adjust Profit and Margin fields to automatically calculate required Sale Price value.



The import of Parts from Xero will be done as parts of your integration setup. See Integrating GeoService. with Xero for more details. When integrated, GeoService will 'mirror' your Xero Parts item.

  • You can create one off Parts in GeoService for use on a job, but these won't be permanently saved to your Parts list.
  • Adding new Parts, and editing or deleting existing ones must be done in Xero, and then synced with GeoService using the 'Sync Parts' button on the Parts page.
  • We recommend that Xero users try and put as much data as possible in for their Xero inventory items to enable GeoService. to provide accurate job costing and job margin functions.
  • Every search for parts via the mobile apps are directed to the Xero API, since it is not yet possible to provide an active synch. This may take more than a few seconds depending on how many parts you have in Xero, but is necessary to ensure the data read is up to date.

Adding Parts to a Job

Parts, or inventory, can be added to Jobs as Charge items alongside time/labour. You can add Parts to a Job either via the website, by navigating to the Edit Job screen then clicking 'Add Part', or via any of the GeoService mobile applications. 

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