Field mapping basically means matching data fields from one source (or program) to data fields in another, for the purpose of transferring data between the two.

GeoService Client data fields match Xero almost exactly, so all possible client data fields will transfer as you would expect.

Job data maps as follows:

  • GeoService job reference = Xero invoice number
  • GeoService order number = Xero invoice reference

Also, the draft invoice in Xero will have an additional number attached to the invoice number. This number is a unique ID of the invoice run in GeoService. For example:

  • Your GeoService job reference is 4567
  • Your draft invoice in Xero might then have an invoice number like this: 4567 – 566
  • The 566 is the unique ID of the run of GeoService invoices you 'pushed' into Xero

Xero Chart of Accounts:

  • Please note Xero chart of accounts codes will only feed through to GeoService if the account type is under Revenue or Asset
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